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TIE Entertainment

For all your content creation needs

Get in contact with a freelancing specialist now!



Taking Your Content to
the Next Level!

Video Editing

Have your clips edited by our skilled video editors in any style you choose!

Music Mixing & Mastering

Get your vocals and/or music processed and sounding great!

Copy Editing

Have a team of editors check your writing for grammar inconsistencies, spelling errors, and more!

Voice Acting

Get into contact with voice actors for producer tags, skits and more!


Provide a description and wait for magic to be made! Work with our artist team to get your book covers, album covers, OCs, Logos, & more made to look nice and professional!

Social Media Marketing

Have an Instagram and/or Tiktok made and managed for you!



We give you the resources you need!

Whether you're starting a YouTube channel, releasing your first album, finalizing a book, or in need of any other similar services you've come to the right place! Here at TIE Entertainment we have many people who have years of experience in their respective domains. Each person is available to get you exactly what you need! Why go to several different people when you can get all of your resources in one place? Get started now!

The walkthrough

First, get into contact with a TE agent and explain to them what you need. ex: "I need someone to mix the audio for my newest song." The agent will then connect you to someone who can fulfill your request and once you submit the payment they will get to work on your project.

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